Sometimes used cars get a bad rap, but it’s often not well-deserved. In fact, there may be more reasons to buy a used model rather than a new one.

1. The Purchase Price is Smaller

The obvious reason to go with a used car is to cut your costs. Older models – even those just a couple of years old – are much cheaper than new ones.

2. You Won’t Need to Borrow as Much

Because a used car is less expensive, this is fantastic if you’ll be financing. First of all, you won’t need to have as big a down payment. Secondly, you could end up with very small monthly payments.

3. You’ll Have Many to Pick From

Perhaps you’ve heard that due to a chip shortage not as many new cars can be produced right now? The good news is that there are still tons of used models to pick from in many different makes, models, and years.

4. You’ll Get a Reliable Vehicle

Many people stay away from used vehicles because they don’t think they can rely on them. But, thanks in large part to tech developments, this just isn’t true anymore.

Older models can be just as reliable as new ones. Plus, you may be able to get some advanced safety features.

5. You Won’t Miss Out on Newer Features

In addition to safety features, your used car could also come with a variety of tech components. These may include remote start, a touchscreen for the infotainment system, or smartphone connectivity.

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