While it’s possible to get a lot of money right now when selling used cars, there are things owners can do to get even more. These include:

1. Finding Your Paperwork (or Digital Records)

Have you taken good care of your car? Prospective buyers will need more than just your word. This is why you’ll want to find any physical or digital copies of maintenance records or anything related to repairs. This can demonstrate that you were a diligent owner, which can raise the asking price.

2. Making it Look Its Best

Of course you’ll need to take all of your stuff out of the car before selling it (be sure to check under the seats), but that’s not the only thing you should do to get it ready. It should be thoroughly washed, including vacuuming the carpets and perhaps cleaning the upholstery.

3. Fixing Minor Issues

Chances are good that there are at least a few things you should think about fixing or replacing. Maybe the windshield wipers are old. Perhaps a headlight needs a new bulb. Making a small investment now could pay off big time when you sell.

4. Checking Its Value

You won’t know what to set the sale price if you don’t know the value of your car. Through our online form, you can very quickly get a great estimate of what it is worth. And because we use Kelley Blue Book to generate the results, you can count on the accuracy.

Sell or Trade in Your Old Car at I.G. Burton

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