You should never buy anything used without giving it a good once over. This is especially true with a big purchase like a vehicle. If you’re shopping for used cars for sale, this guide lets you know what to take a close look at.


The first thing to do is just walk around the car to examine the body to see if there are any dents or scrapes or cracks in the glass. Also, make sure the head- and taillights aren’t cloudy and that the tires have deep treads.


If you’re happy with the exterior, it’s time to get inside. Even if you don’t anticipate sitting anywhere but the driver’s seat, you should still try out all seats.

Be sure that all seating adjustments work, and that the upholstery is in good shape. Next, test the infotainment system, stereo, and heated and cooling system.

Road Test

While the car may look good inside and out, the road test will give you great insight into performance. You should try to simulate what your daily drive would be, such as by taking it out on the highway. Gauge how the car accelerates and brakes and takes turns.

Don’t Forget the History Report

Even if everything seems fine so far, you don’t want to buy a used car without looking at its history report. This will let you know about previous repairs and replacements and give you a good idea how the vehicle was cared for by its past owners.

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