When cars reached the end of their life, they used to just sit in junkyards for eternity. Fortunately, that doesn’t have to the be case anymore.

Most cars – and a fair amount of car parts – can now be recycled, which is great news for the planet. Here we go over the process for recycling Jeep® parts and vehicles.

Fluid Removal

When it’s determined that a car can’t be fixed up and that it needs to be recycled, the first step is to remove all fluids and dispose of them properly.

Parts Inspection

Next, any valuable parts are taken out. The engine and transmission will be cleaned to gauge their condition. Things like the battery and tires may still have a lot of good life left.


Once all of the stuff that can be reused is taken out, the frame is shredded and then crushed into a cube.

Metal Mixing

In order to strengthen the scrap metal, it will be combined with other types of metal.

Sent Out to Carmakers

This cube will then be sent out to automakers who will be able to mold it into a frame for a new car.

The Benefits of Recycled Car Parts

Because many new cars can be built with the remains of old cars, this helps automakers cut their production costs, which help consumers. And because they don’t have to produce as much new metal, this also helps decrease the emissions at factories.

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